Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning in Mobile & Saraland, AL

Your rugs will look good as new

Have your irreplaceable oriental or area rugs been looking distressed? Colorclean of the Gulf Coast uses the proper techniques to restore a wide variety of rugs back to their original brilliance. These rugs often get a great deal of foot traffic because they're frequently placed in the rooms that are used more often, in an effort to display their beauty and to add to the appearance of the room or hallway. Call Colorclean of the Gulf Coast and you can easily escape the needless replacement of costly area rugs. You will discover that we are not only good for your rugs, but also for your wallet. Our 8 step cleaning process includes:

Pre-Inspection and Pick Up


Pre-Spot and Fringe Preparation



Drying and Finishing

Post Inspection and Delivery

Count on the experts at Colorclean of the Gulf Coast. Make an appointment today for oriental and area rug cleaning in Mobile & Saraland, AL & surrounding areas.

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning in Mobile & Saraland, AL & surrounding areas

In-plant rug cleaning is recommended for Oriental Rugs and loose woven rugs. They should never be cleaned on wall to wall carpet. Colorclean of the Gulf Coast cares for the finest to the most basic rugs from around the world. We will pick your rug up and bring it to our cleaning plant where it will receive our very thorough Eight Step Cleaning System to get maximum soil and spot removal. Having your rug cleaned in our plant allows us to give it several treatments for a more thorough cleaning, controlled drying, and the use of various tools that are not available on location.

Exciting news!! As you know, Colorclean of the Gulf Coast has been in business for 30 years. Our rug cleaning has always been the best in Alabama, but we continue to strive to bring even better quality service to you. We assure you that your rugs will be cleaned like never before!